Strigoii Vii

Variations: Concealment-Rãu ("bad one"), Strigoii
In Romanian vampire lore a strigoii vii is a person who is a VAMPIRIC WITCH while alive (see LIVING VAMPIRE) and will become a vampire, most likely a STRIGOII MORTI, in death. Strigoii vii are easily recognized for what they are, as they have blue eyes and red HAIR and two beating hearts. At night the strigoii, as it is commonly called for short, sends out its soul to psychically attack animals, crops, and humans, draining them of their life-energy (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). As its soul flies in the night sky it looks like sparks, but it also has the ability to shape-shift its soul to look like an insect or small animal.
Source: Belanger, Sacred Hunger, 10; Keyworth, Troublesome Corpses, 104; Konstantinos, Vampires, 30

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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